Her Majesty’s Misspelt Service
July 16, 2007 | Filed in: da b'ars

Dear Pens:
Congrats for getting Deryk Engelland (aka The Boy Who Can’t Spell A Name Normally) but didja have to take him from Hershey? He was quickly becoming one of my favorite goonish types. Of course, major points for the picture of him you chose to use.

Hi, I’m Derrykkee Enggellaaanddorz. I get in fights.

By the way, Mr Last Name of Doom there? In the last Hershey season he played, 10 points, 95 penalty minutes. That’s enough to make me love him on principal.

Speaking of principal, Kip Brennan to the Rangers? I would have loved to see him stick around and beat heads in Hershey for another year, but I suppose when you get the chance, you have to go. Not to mention that maybe he and Avery will balance each other out somehow.

Or maybe they’ll just beat people into comas, who knows.

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