You Heard It Here….
July 26, 2007 | Filed in: pittsburgh penguins

…. well, not first, because it’s all over teh intarwebs at this point, but who am I to let a good chance like this go by?

Eric and Jordan Staal arrested in Minnesota after EStaal’s bachelor party.
No, srsly. See: mugshots

According to the two articles (found in the Charlotte Observer and in the NHL Fanhouse ) the real issue didn’t start until the party was asked to leave the premises. They did… “After leaving the property, the group gathered on Highway 61 and began harassing passing motorists,” the Sheriff’s office said, at which point 14 members of the group were arrested at approximately 4 a.m.”

Why can I just see two blonde Staals laughing their asses off and mooning passing motorists? And where were the redheaded Staals? Behaving somewhere? And how the HECK can you look that good in a booking photo?

I just hope that people don’t go all non linear on JStaal for the underage drinking charge. He didn’t pull a Michael Phelps and go DRIVING drunk, he went WALKING and BEING OBNOXIOUS drunk. And granted, he’s still under drinking age in the US and Canada, but the drinking age in Ontario is 19. He’s 18 and 10 months. That’s about the same as when I said “aw screw it,” on the good person thing and started drinking… I was 20 and 10 months. And I’m a ridiculously good, clean person, so JStaal has at least my good word to vouch for him. Not that he’ll use it.

But really, don’t get me started on US drinking ages, because I still think it’s wrong this country can send you to war before you can drink the pain of it away….

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