Bwa ha. ha ha ha ha.
August 1, 2007 | Filed in: pittsburgh penguins

Discovery of the Day:
The NHL has put last seasons’ games on Google Video. I’m up to Pens v. Rangers, Oct 12 at this point, and have come to the conclusions that
1) Armstrong is not the only pen to use the ‘wail on them behind the net’ trick, as I saw Michel Ouellet do it as well (at least twice) (By the way, when the heck did he go to Tampa Bay, and who needs their head re-screwed on for that one?)
2)I really need to get practical experience/discussion with someone who understands the positioning in hockey, as my monkey-like water polo brain keeps screaming “BUT YOU’RE OUT OF POSITION!” at the hockey boys. Seeing as how they play in the NHL and we were only water polo state champions, I’m ready to believe they know what they’re doing, but I’d like to see the reasoning behind it.

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