When the hockey comes back….
August 21, 2007 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Sidney Crosby on the way to being the next Ian Thorpe.

But seriously folks. Does anyone else think he’ll be doing hockey-specific underwear next? Because that’s about the only thing we HAVEN’T seen him do. Oh yeah, possibly the watch company sponsorship…. I think Omega’s a swimming-specific sponsor at this point.

(edit: Okay, I do sort of love seeing Random Man in Kilt in the background of the ‘Lifestyle’ section. Why yes, I’m from the part of Canada that still thinks it’s in the UK, why do you ask?)

Also, what do they put in the water in Thunder Bay, Ontario? Not only the Staals, but also Taylor Pyatt’s from there? It’s enough to make me want to test the theory, move up there and have a kid, just to see if it’s the town that does it or some freaky genetic thing. Maybe they’re running tests on people and nobody knows it… instead of putting fluoride in the water, they’re putting some wierd hockey steroid in.

In other news, Penn State has a hockey team. This I did not know. I’m not surprised, but I didn’t know. Something tells me I may have to make le voyage to Penn State Mothership after all.

Vive la hockey.

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