Ice bowl no-nos.
September 18, 2007 | Filed in: da b'ars

Holy hell. It’s 10:26, Ice Bowl tickets went on sale 26 minutes ago, and there are NONE left.

And they say hockey’s not a big sport.

On the down side, they’re appearing on Ebay for $300 and up. There’s one I’m looking at that’s a single for $50, but I’m sure it’ll be gone before I can rustle up the required funding. I wonder what kind of press credentials you have to have to talk your way in as a reporter?

In Pens news, we’re seeing the return of the Armstrong-Staal-Malone line, which thrills me beyond belief. It’s sort of a ridiculous penalty kill line, and there’s just something about that much comedy routine on the ice at once that makes me all warm and fuzzy. Part of me is still hoping that they’ll try Army on the Sid line again, especially if he starts figuring himself out a little more this season but I’m not going to hold my breath. This is me not holding my breath.

I also love the fact that there’s video of Roberts saying “Well, I have to fight for a spot just like all the young’uns,” which just seems ridiculously untrue to me. The Pens sending Roberts down to Wilkes-Barre would be like… well, like any other big team sending an old-timer to the minors, which is to say ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

And before I leave for today, why is it that when hockey players wear flip flops, t-shirts and jeans they’re being casual but when a college student wears it it’s being schlumfy? I have this feeling that even if I DID have custom-made jeans and a 90 dollar shirt and solid gold flipflops I’d still look like a college student.

Thursday! Bears! Practice!

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