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Hershey Bears Camp Day 2
September 21, 2007 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars

Back to Giant Center for the second day. At least this time I knew where I was going, even if I did make with the lateness in getting there. Sorry, a girl’s gotta do her internship work at some point.

There were even fewer people in the stands today-I guess the Hershey hockey junkies aren’t quite as junkieish as I am… either that or they’ve all been watching Center Ice so they’re not jonesing for a fix as badly. If I could get my computer to quit screaming and dying while attempting to watch online, oh, I’d be watching it as well!

In the first group, I only got there in time to watch a mess of conditioning laps which made my butt hurt in sympathy… I did quite a few of those last night at roller derby practice. However, there are now quite a few decent pictures of Jay Beagle for Elly, his biggest fan in the whole wide room, because she wanted to know what he was up to.

Jay's Shorts Just for Elly HBearsTC2 025

Elly, right now, he’s kicking ass and taking names at Bears camp.

He’s also become a proud member of the shorts-slitting club, as you can see in that first picture. I’m still wondering why it is that the players are either slitting their own pants purposefully with a sharp object or inadvertently popping seams (and I’m wondering which it is!). As you can see from Nylander’s rather shocking display (by hockey standards)


at Caps camp, this doesn’t seem to be a Bears-specific thing either. My hypothesis at this point is that it’s either organized rebellion against the ‘closer fitting’ RBK Edge pants, or the fact that they’re tighter-fitting is causing them to split. I didn’t see any of the veteran Bears in the CCM pants with split inseams, so as of right now either hypothesis could stand. If I ever get the chance to ask a player directly, you can bet I will.

Other mental notes from Group 2:

-Because I’m a very accommodating person, and I read somewhere else that people wanted to see this, I give you

A Study in Contrasts, Bears Style:
BIG ANGRY DMAN and little shifty forward

Working PURELY from the roster, this is a picture of Brad Zancanaro (grey) and Chris McAllister (black). Zancanaro is proudly holding down my end of the height scale at 5′5″ and McAllister is ridiculously tall at 6′7″. In skates, McAllister must be pushing 7 feet and I think his STICK is taller than I am, which scares me no small bit. Part of me really wants to stand him next to Jordan Staal, just to convince myself that JStaal’s really not as huge as I think he is.

-Either these two new goalies are awesome, the Bears need to stop shooting AT the goalie or it’s a combination of both. Not many shots went in today, not counting the ones where the goalie was obviously not even trying. The Best Goal Moment On Film goes to Marlin’s dive…

here’s his initial “OH CRAP!” moment and recovery.
Marlin sees it... YOINK.

Gotta love a good scramble.

-I’m still blown away by team puck handling. I’ve come to a new appreciation of what kind of skill it takes to *know* where a teammate is and be able to either leave a puck right where he’s coming through or to pass without looking and have it connect. Group Two’s gray and red teams could have had me captivated all night just doing the weaving and passing drills.

-I need to stop nicknaming things in my head, especially drills, because if I ever get abovesaid chance to talk to the players and I ask them about the “washing machine drill” NOBODY is going to have a clue what I’m talking about. (For you Hlog I-95ers, that’s what I mentally named the ‘around the circle and shoot’ drill as seen here:

HBearsTC2 034

Is there a 12-step program for this?

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