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October 25, 2007 | Filed in: da b'ars, pittsburgh penguins

Not much to report today (so far) Bears are off to play Binghamton in Binghamton tomorrow, this time without Bad Mutha’ Emery in goal. I’m hoping, at least, that the mental boost from that will get the Hershey boys another win before they come home again and face Albany on Sunday.

Penguins are playing the Leafs tonight. I yawn. I also don’t get it on TV, so it’s up to Pensblog and Sidney Crosby Show to tell me what happens. I’m guessing not much. Although I don’t know how anything could be as stunningly boring as that Rangers game. Obviously, they’ve just not been pissing Army off and throwing him on the ice. Come on, we want a show!

Speaking of shows, did’ja all hear about Vinny Lecavalier’s temper tantrum? I’m not saying it wasn’t justified, from what I can see in the video there, but it’s always fun to watch the pretty-boy-super-star fight. Not that I’d want to tangle with 6′4″ of angry Lecavalier. He seems to do this once a year or so-work himself into a righteously indignant froth and take a bitch out. I’m just glad this time he was racking up the penalty minutes for my fantasy team. Sid, I’m waiting for you to wade in there one of these days. Recchi won’t be there forever, y’know.

ALSO, in News Nobody But Me And Kristin Care About:

Kris Mayotte, in what, all of two weeks? three? with the Fresno Falcons, has already been named their First Star for a game.

I hate to say I told you so, but goddammit, I told you the guy was talented. I still think that the NHL scouts should have an associated Hlogger to go to places with them and say “That one. He’s going to be big.” Because granted, the guys were at Caps camp already, but we picked Beagle, Mayotte and a few of their other n00bs out of the lineup as being guys to watch. And here they are, being watched.

We rule, y’all.

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