NaBloPoMo #1 Meet Your Hershey Bears, The Leadership.
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Meet your 2007 Hershey Bears: The On-Ice Leadership

Because I am boring and uncreative, we’re doing this in clutches of 5 or 6 to get it done in a month. Today, your Bears Leadership Brigade (the A’s and the C’s)

To begin with, our 6’2 captain, left winger Quintin Laing. He was sort of shoved into the captaincy when Deano was told he wouldn’t be back for the first half of the year, and from what Laing said in a series of interviews, it sounds like he thinks he’s just keeping the C warm until Deano gets better. However, I think he’s selling himself short. In watching him, he’s a very JStaalsian player- all ridiculously long limbs and furious speed plays towards the other end of the rink. Although not a fighter, he will drop the gloves occasionally (especially against the Phantoms) and come on, he’s good with kids.
My Beginning of Season Superlative Award to Laing?: “More Teeth that Marc-Andre-Fleury”

Injured captain Dean Arsene (Deano) hopes to be making his comeback to the blueline in January or February. Out over the summer for a double hernia surgery, he hasn’t been healing the way he’d like to, and instead is stuck doing radio time and kissing babies. Although I’ve not seen him skate in a game, and therefore can’t actually say anything productive about his style beyond “he made most of the shots I saw him take between training camp practices” he was also nice enough guy to greet the fans in the stands at camp before and after he finished running the arena stairs. You don’t get to be “Mayor of Chocolatetown” as a total bastard, right? Neither do you get your own website.
My Beginning Of Season Superlative Award to Deano?: “Most Likely to Successfully say ‘Dipsy Doodle’ with a Straight Face”

The A Team:

Chris Bourque, son of Ray Bourque, was drafted in 2004 and has been with Hershey for the past three seasons. He’s one of the little guys, at 5’8” but hard as hell to push around. This year, he managed to score on the big boys at Caps camp, a coupla different times and it’s my guess that Bourquie may not be with us next season. He’s got some damn good puck handling skills, and he was one of the ones that most impressed me during the blind passing drills during practice. Of course, though, he’s another who’s not afraid to drop ‘em and wade in.

Bourque’s Superlative Award? :”Most Likely to Rival Sidney Crosby’s Haircare Product Collection”

I had my fears going into this season that Louie was going to be too Briere-ian for my tastes, but damned if he didn’t prove me wrong. Louie is a PRIME agitator, and we all know what a big fan I am of some good agitation. Although it pains me to quote him, as he’s been downright nasty to Pens fans, Mike Vogel of the Cap’s Dump and Chase sums Louie up best:
“Volatile winger Louis Robitaille is his usual self, which means he is as irritating as insecticide sprayed directly into your eyes. And if that’s how his teammates feel, just imagine how the opposition feels. I love watching him work his unique brand of aggravation. Everyone knows it’s coming, but few opponents seem to be able to stop themselves from taking the bait. It’s uncanny.”
And Louie loves every 254 of his penalty minutes of it. (Yes, that’s him celebrating his penalty… and the crowd loving him back)

Louie’s Superlative Award?: “Most Likely to Form a Gang with Olie Kolzig”

Ben Clymer is, I believe, the only Hershey Bear with a Stanley Cup win under his belt, received while he was still playing in Tampa Bay. Since then, he’s spent enough time in DC to make a name for himself, but was shuffled down towards Hershey in the Caps Summer Panic of Too Many Talented People (Yes, the only time this has ever happened to them before…) Down here in Chocolateville, Benny Clymer has been stepping up and showing the rookies how it’s done. He scored two goals in the home opener, and isn’t afraid to throw his body in the midst of things when needed. However, although he can line ‘em up and take ‘em down in against the boards, I hate to say it and risk the wrath of Caps Chick, but Benny Clymer should really keep the gloves on, as he’s not the most efficient brawler!

Ben Clymer’s Superlative?: “Most Likely to Look Scared in Every Single Picture”

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, your lettered Bears of ‘07-’08.

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