Bears Mini-Recap
December 9, 2007 | Filed in: Hlog, da b'ars

Of course, had I not used the word “combust” in that last entry, we would have won. Spiritually, last night’s game was a 3-3 tie between the Bears and the Phantoms instead of a 3-2 loss, as there was one asinine call made claiming the Phantoms’ goal was off the net before the puck went in. In the replays, it sure SURE wasn’t obvious if it was.

It was a…bizarre… game overall. the two n00bs were sorta playing, Patrick McNeill was spectating again, poor Gordon couldn’t get a break, Beagle spent more time smushed against the glass than playing, and Louie Robitaille scored. (although I still believe that Sami Lepisto had more than an assist to do with one of the goals, if not both.)

Caps Chick and Nadine both seemed to have fun-we really did become “Mr. Pro Sports Heckler Guy” a couple of times… between Nadine yelling at the Phantoms’ Stefan Ruzicka and me yelling at Lepisto and McNeill.

In watching the game and chewing it over with Nadine afterwards, I really feel like Andrew Gordon is or is going to become a very Colby Armstrong/Ryan Malone-ish player. He’s not going to be the big point scorer, he’s not going to have amazing puck handling skills, but if you put him on a line with the Sidney Crosby or the Jay Beagle or the Joe Motzko, he’s going to be the guy that can feed them continually useful stuff. I just feel like Gordo was being hung out to dry and expected to create opportunities that nobody else was there for yesterday.

We’re also cooking up a grand scheme for Hlog domination… stay tuned for details.

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