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December 14, 2007 | Filed in: AHL

Louie Robitaille’s famous!

Okay, or not, but it’s a pretty great article anyway.

Also check out Jay Beagle looking very unsure of what’s going on in front of him in the news roundup of the day. (it’s in the rotating newsbox, so if he’s not up there anymore, click through)

If you haven’t already, go vote your favorite Bear in for the AHL All-Star game. The last I checked, the Bears were pushing for Bourque and Beagle. I’d also beg you to vote in Ty Conklin, in hopes that if he has to go do that maybe the Penguins would get someone who doesn’t need to be bungeed to the goal support by his testicles to keep him in the crease. Of course, if it doesn’t work that way, Cassivi or Machesney, of course. I also hear that CapsChick’s stuffing the ballot box for Clymer with a cry of “But it’s the only All-Star he’ll ever get to!” You can take that up with her.

(also bwa ha. We got Bourquie back tonight. Prepare to be annihilated)

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