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Lepisto Article
March 17, 2008 | Filed in: Cap Attack

Awwww, they like him!

…the slick Lepisto is an AHL newcomer who just happens to excel in two of the toughest areas for young players to grasp. He’s been recalled to Washington four times in the past month, most recently March 14. In four games with the Caps, he has one assist and six penalty minutes…..Woods invoked the name of former Bear and current Caps defenseman Mike Green as a fair comparison when it comes to Lepisto’s offensive ceiling.

I’m glad someone else has seen the similarities to Mike Green that I keep harping about to people. (again, that scouting job, i can has it?)

And come on….

Just a few strong sniffs away from the Bears’ Giant Center is Hersheypark, with its addicting chocolate smell wafting across a huge parking lot and banging on the arena doors. Lepisto said he’s resisted the chocolate factory’s siren call … so far.

Newsflash, it doesn’t smell like chocolate 24/7 in Hershey. Mostly it’s down at the factory end of town, occasionally the wind’ll be blowing right that it’ll spread, but more than likely the scent you’re getting at Giant Center is actually the Hersheypark sewage treatment facility. Sad but true.

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