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Attn: Other Bloggers
March 26, 2008 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Here is my plea to the hockey blogosphere. Please pick these up and pass on the links, as the more information I get, the more helpful it is.

My MA thesis is on female hockey fans and other associated fan-like women of pro hockey (wives, girlfriends, ice girls, reporters, bloggers, to name a few. In addition to looking at how these different female groups interact with the sport, I’m also looking at how hockey is marketed to women as well as how female fans are portrayed in the media, both passively (as subjects) and actively (as reporters/bloggers)

These following links are for three separate surveys that hopefully target three separate groups of people that I think it could be valuable to have input from while writing this paper.

The first on google docs here, is for male fans, and asks questions on your relationship to hockey and your views on the female fans you have come into contact with.

The second on google docs here, is for female fans, and asks questions on how you view your interactions with hockey, and views on your fellow fans.

The third on google docs here, is for professional or high school/college level players.

All are completely anonymous and ask you simply to answer questions and or offer opinions. If there’s anything else you wish to add, feel free to include it. If there are questions you have for me, feel free to email and ask.

I’m hoping that these will get caught in the viral aspect of the internet and spread and spread. There’s no harm in printing them either, if you want to try to hand them out physically. Feel free to get in touch and I’ll give you my mailing address.
I’m also going to put all of these links up in a box in the sidebar, so if people are redirected the documents are easy to find. There’s no drop-dead date on this either as I’m still well into my research period.

Go, run, spread questionnaires!

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