Bears, what have you done?
March 27, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, ECHL

But… but.. now I have nobody consistently awful to harp on! You got rid of Joe Motzko at the trade deadline and now you’ve given Pylon Pokulok back to South Carolina? You NOTICED that as soon as you scratched him we started winning? What, do I have to fall back on the bandwagon of Louie hate? Or, oh HORRORS, are Beaudoin and Garlock THAT BAD?

I don’t know about this, Yingstmeister. You’re just taunting me because you know I’ll be away all weekend and may not make any games, arent you?

He'll always have a potential career as a model....

Also, the AHL has announced the Dupre Memorial Award (philanthropy/niceguyitude) candidates for this year.
Among them:
Worchester Sharks: Riley Armstrong
Hershey Bears: Dean Arsene
WBS Penguins: Ryan Lannon

Baby!Army, I can see, what with his Locks of Love campaign, and Ryan Lannon I don’t know anything about other than what Ben Lovejoy’s blog tells me about him, but I’m pretty sure that Deano’s been in the running for this since the dawn of time. There’s a reason they call him the Mayor of Chocolate Town. (Of course, I’ve never HEARD what he’s doing that makes him Winner of Niceguyitude, but I assume he’s out there shaking babies and kissing hands… lord only knows he’s been broken long enough to need a hobby.)

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