The Age Game
March 29, 2008 | Filed in: hawkeytown

It blows my mind that some of the Portland Winterhawks were born in 1991. I can REMEMBER parts of 1991.

1991 was Desert Storm and Nirvana and Dr. Kevorkian and Yeltsin and Super Nintendo and the Iceman and the USSR collapsing and Magic Johnson having AIDS.

And yes, I did troll Wikipedia for that list, but those are things I actually DO remember at least something about… you have to realize I was a ridiculously precocious child whos’ parents had a subscription to TIME magazine.

I wonder what the 1991-born Winterhawks remember first?

I’m now going to run back into the relative safety of the Bears roster, where the youngest player (Patrick McNeill, for those who need to know) is still only two years younger than I am, and stop hyperventilating a little over becoming an old person. If that doesn’t help, I’m going to go wallow in the Caps roster a little, as the Penguins, well, they don’t help much.

How can I be this old? I haven’t even gotten to 25 yet!

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