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March 30, 2008 | Filed in: da b'ars

Last night v. Hamilton Bulldogs….

Lepisto, Rearview

Sami Lepisto was back. Also, it was a jersey auction night, hence the reason it looks like you’re watching Cell Block Q’s hockey team. I guess these were knockoffs of the uniforms from the 30’s. Dear god, sometimes I’m glad it’s not the 30’s.

bears_dogs 3_29 055

I had ridiculously good seats. I was down at the bottom of 105, which was new and different, because as well as being on the glass, I was on the side of the ice I’m usually staring at. I’m still not sure I like sitting right down ON THE GLASS unless I’m really photo-oriented, because you lose a whole corner of the rink to see the game.

bears_dogs 3_29 048

Jay Beagle didn’t score last night for lack of trying. Somehow, he kept getting caught up right before getting there on a few really nice rushes, and by the end of the night seemed pissed off enough (probably at himself) that he was starting to play a little rougher than usual.

bears_dogs 3_29 042

Oh yeah, Boomer was back too. Since it was jersey auction night, we also got to see Clymer for the first time in a while. He looks skinnier to me. And poor Barney’s hobbling around on crutches and attempting stairs with a huge plastic boot on. I think they just took the one from Gordon and slapped it on him.

Beagle doesn't so much want you standing there anymore.

Revelation of the night, which will get me implicated for staring at Beagle’s crotch in a faceoff (in my defense, where I was sitting got butts all night whether I wanted them or not) was that there are actually zippers down the inseams on those pants. I do think that Beagle and Barney have shredded the zippers through, but there are actually zipper teeth still attached to the pants. Swear.

bears_dogs 3_29 031

Chris Bourque=small child. Of course, ridiculously talented small child, as he scored 4 of the 5 goals from last night, but all night it was hilarious how huge the throwback jersey looked on him. It was all “Look daddy! I’m gonna play hockey too!” Okay, okay, I can’t hate too hard on him, he’s growing on me like those bacteria in your stomach that you know you need but you’re still not so sure about.

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