Adverse Weather Report?
April 1, 2008 | Filed in: Cap Attack, philly flyers, pittsburgh penguins

Haven’t you heard?

There’s a red-out on.

And I hear it’s spreading north

And I know of at least two Pens fans who are going to invade the Bears Den in Hershey tonight in hopes of watching the game and cheering for the Caps. (What can we say, Pens Fan #1 has assy TV.) As of right now, red is looking iffy, however, as laundry is… er… still in laundry form. How about a nice obnoxious tiedye?

If anyone wanted to reciprocate and hope for the Flyers to go down in a pile of flaming rubble tomorrow night, that’d be nice, as said Pens fans will be at Mellon for the home closer…. and see how I worded that? You don’t have to cheer FOR the Pens, just AGAINST the Flyers, so it won’t hurt anyone’s delicate Caps-ish sensibilities too much…..

Also… Hooray, Army! Just don’t drown at the aquarium, okay? (And check out the puppetry museum, it’s rather fun as well.)

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