Lord Stanley, ‘08
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EDIT: CapsChick straightened me out. Unlike what would make the most sense (surprise) the NHL playoffs work purely on the seeded rankings of teams, not just the winner-moves-on aspect of most tournaments. Fail, NHL, for making me look like a n00b. Don’t you know I try to hide that?

Predictions should be updated…. it’s changed a little now.

As Tournament of Logos has said, what good’s a hockey blog if you don’t get to post completely cockamamie schemes for Stanley Cup domination?

Here, my completely knee-jerk and un-well-thought-out predictions for Cup ‘08. (You should know that I based an entire fantasy playoff team off of “Funny Names and Bad Hair” last year and almost won the PIM award, so there’s something to be said for a kneejerk outta me.)

Conference Quarterfinals

Montreal vs Boston…… Montreal in 5.
I know Montreal has a ridiculous record, but I just feel like you can’t entirely underestimate the Bruins, especially if they ARE getting Bergeron back for playoffs.

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa…… Pittsburgh in 4
I’d even be willing to go Pittsburgh in 5, but after last year’s quarterfinals and with the way the Sens have been disintegrating as of late, I’m going to give a hopeful 4 game Sen-clubbing win to the Pens.

Washington vs Philadelphia….. Caps in 6
Not that I don’t have faith in the Caps, but when Philly sees themselves losing, I’m betting they’ll come out and just wreak physical havoc, taking out some of the integral Caps players and buying themselves a couple more wins while they heal.

New Jersey vs NY Rangers….. Rangers in 5
I just don’t like the Devils. At all. And as much as I hate Sean Avery and generally dislike Drury, Gomez and Jagr, it is Marc Staal’s team.

Detroit vs Nashville….. Detroit in 4.
Have you seen the Preds lately? There’s no way they’re gonna come out swinging hard enough to cause any real damage to the Wings.

San Jose vs Calgary……. San Jose in 5
I’m basing this purely on the fact that I’ve heard very little on the Flames and waaaaaay more than I’d have expected on the Sharks.

Minnesota vs Colorado…… Minnesota in 6
As I last remember, Colorado was losing people to injury left and right. Although I really only semi-follow Boogaard from the Wild, I can tell you that the baby Avs aren’t that intimidating.

Anaheim vs Dallas….. Anaheim in 5
This one’s gonna suck. The Stars seem to still be struggling a little to assimilate their new guys, but if Ducks keep having odd Corey Perryish injuries, who knows what could happen.

Conference Semifinals
Montreal vs Rangers…. Montreal in 5
The Rangers are great show, but faced with the Habs, I feel like the glitter will start to fall off. Poor Marc Staal.

Pittsburgh vs Washington……. Pittsburgh in 6
Matchups between these two teams always seem hit or miss and they both always have something to lose, but the hard truth is that DC will probably have lost people to injury at this point, making the Pens’ jobs easier

Minnesota vs San Jose……. San Jose in 4
Prepare to be annihilated. Even Boogaard can’t save the Wild from the Sharks.

Detroit vs Anaheim….. Detroit in 7
This is gonna be a fun one to watch, really. I’m torn, as Perry should be back in Anaheim for playoffs, and they do have mostly the same team composition as Stanley last year, but Detroit’s been kind of a juggernaut all season.

Conference Finals
Detroit v San Jose….. Detroit in 6
I haven’t watched either of these teams much, so this is mostly entirely kneejerk. I’m really kind of impartial on both, but Detroit seems like a grittier team to me than the Sharks, and they’ll come out to fight.

Montreal v Pittsburgh…. Pittsburgh in 6
With Army and Crush, a couple of handy Pittsburgh wins, a loss and a shootout. Without them, well, we’ll see. It’s gonna take longer, but I think the Pens’ll pull it out anyway.

Pittsburgh vs Detroit….. Pittsburgh in 7
Come on, at this point can I predict anyone BUT Pittsburgh? My other prediction here? They play at least one game in this series without someone integral… whether it’s Crosby or Malkin or one of the goalies, I’m not sure yet.

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