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Squee Cup Choices, Day 2
April 12, 2008 | Filed in: Uncategorized

After getting my hatred of Comcast out in the open…..

Here’s your second day of me justifying (badly) my Squee Cup choices.

Today, I bring you Montreal(Maxim Lapierre) v. Boston (Vladimir Sobotka)

These are really two teams I know very VERY little about. Lapierre was an ex-Bulldog (showing the soft spot for the AHLers again) and, as the Squee Cup is judged off of +/-, a +5 for the regular season (as well as having 60 PIM in 53 games). He’s also rather a throwback to the Silly Hair playoff team of last year. Welcome to the team, Maxim.

For Boston, Baby Sobotka (he’s 20, for chrissakes) got amusing to me when someone sent me pictures of him in a hospital bed looking thoroughly beat up and rather proud of himself. The ridiculous red hair doesn’t hurt either. His +/- is a respectable 1, for a baby player with one goal this season, and although he didn’t dress for the first game of the series, I have hopes he’ll come in and get angry later on. Overall, he’s just the kind of little punkass I tend to like (see Mike Green)

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