Holy along for the ride, Batman
April 14, 2008 | Filed in: da b'ars

This was a boring game. I’m not sure what made the difference, whether it was the contrast to last night, the low number of penalties, the players, the Baby Sens, or what, but it just seemed like a lot of back and forth.
I had great viewing seats, two rows off the bench, but crappy photo seats, as the top of the glass bisected everything I tried to take, so no photos tonight…. but I do have tickets for the first playoff game (woooo!) on Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll be able to make up for it then with some playoff mohawk pictures. Tonight it seemed to be afro night, with Syvret and Robitaille both having brushed out their curly hair for kicks. I wish someone had dropped me a line on that memo, as I would have gone out competing with both of them with this mop I’ve got going right now.

For the most part, the Bears seemed to take after the Caps and revert to a very October/November style of playing. People weren’t connecting, people were taking stupid chances and messing them up, and wow, it was like a turnover factory out there for a lot of the second and third periods. Granted, they managed to battle it back and win 6-5, but still.

The really new rookie the Caps pulled up, Francois Bouchard, is not thrilling me yet. He’s going to need a few more years to ferment, as he seems to get target fixation and either a) carry it all the way in, miss, and have to chase it back out, or b)carry it part way, stop and try to figure out who to pass to while standing still. He was also the one I initially targeted on the biggest problem of the night…. the entire team tonight wanted to play the body more than the puck. Sure, I appreciate the sudden willingness everyone’s showing to get big and make their presence known, but at the same time, you can’t take the big hit OVER keeping or getting the puck. Bouchard was a major offender, but Andrew Joudrey did the same thing a couple of times, as did numerous others.

Awards wise, Chris Bourque was the MVP, Jason Morgan was the unsung hero, and Daren Machesney was the outstanding rookie. (that’s right folks, the cheez is still just a baby, AHL wise.)

Now? On to the post-season. Full steam ahead, as we take on the Penguins on Wednesday! Let’s go Bears!

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