OMG Moments…
April 19, 2008 | Filed in: Cap Attack

..watching the Caps on TV.

Hooray baby Backstrom!

Can I just be ridiculously happy that DC is booing Tiny!Briere?

I’m going to have to stop pounding on my own knees if I expect to play roller derby tomorrow night.

Why do I not believe for a moment that NBC sports is REALLY ‘The First To Know’ about anything in the NHL.

Also, announcers, we’re starting to call them the Washington Alexovechkins, with the slurping there dudes. We already have the Pittsburgh Sidneycrosbys, so who the heck is next, the Anaheim Correyperrys?

Ooooh, Greeniecam? I am intrigued. Dammit, they lie. My choices are Ovie and Briere. We’re going with Ovie.

Yeeeah, Ovie-Cam, kind of a big laggy letdown with ad issues.

I seem to have become Eric Fehr’s personal hockey-conscience here, as whatever I’m saying “do it, do it, DO IT” he’ll do about 5 seconds later.

14 minutes since the Flyers last had a shot? Oh my, my inner Pens fan who dealt with that all year is so happy. SO SO happy.

Wow. Washington is dominating in everything but blocked shots at the end of the first. KEEP IT GOING.

FEDOROV! Hooray! 2-0! (And he all but punches one of the Flyers in the face celebrating afterwards!)

Fehr tries to poke one in under Biron, and the Flyers object. I think at least two of them face washed him there.

Oh boooy. Brashear’s beard is a little ridiculous. And Fehr, please to be trying not to swear quite as obviously… I didn’t even have to be a proficient Sidney Crosby lipreader to get that one.

Dammit, Flyers. Stay in there Steckel. I know they’re saying you overcommited there, but that’s what you and Lainger do, throwing your body in front of things, and Boudreau knows that. Just stay in this.

Is Pierre McGuire really wearing a pastel paisley tie?

Mad, MAD points to the organist at Verizon currently playing “If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands” and for everyone there who DID, in fact, clap their hands.

I’m fascinated by the different types of visors that people are wearing. I’m used to the Ovie style single wraparound piece, but half of the Flyers are wearing these big half-face with nose cutout things


Dammit, Philly! Hatcher, I’mma get in my hummer…..

Heheheheh. 2 minutes, and we’re playing “The Final Countdown” in the arena. God, why do I pick up on things like that?


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