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April 26, 2008 | Filed in: da b'ars

Well, Bears, it’s been a ride.

But we all know rides have to end sometime. At least it was in game 5 and not in a clean sweep, because I’ll be danged if I’m gonna give the babyPens the satisfaction of that. Don’t get down on yourselves too much. For a team that’s had 50+ players cross the roster this year, you were amazing. You proved people wrong just by making the playoffs, and while you got farther other years, I have faith that a good number of you are going to be making a run for a completely different cup in the next few years. Chin up, guys.

Sure, things could have gone differently. We could have had Deano, we could have had Fehr, we could have had Laing, Clymer or Beagle or Boomer could have not gotten hurt. Gordon and McNeill could have been left in South Carolina, and Potulny could have stayed here. We could have coalesced earlier and had people discover their bodies, we could have had Boudreau still, we could have not slumped a few times when we did, but you know what, I don’t think it would have been the same. Watching you guys claw back was inspiring, and I often wondered if you guys ever looked around at each other and said “Heck yeah! We can do this!” because I felt that sentiment coming out of just about all of you by the end of this. There is no way I can ever NOT be a Bears fan after living this season as closely as I did.

In short, Bears, thanks for a great run and a great season. I know you didn’t get as far as anyone would have liked, but we’re all still behind all you guys and the team 100% For those of you who make the big team next year, we’ll watch you there and say “I watched him back in the minors!” For those of you going other places, we’ll always be able to say “This is what he was like as a Bear.” For those of you ending the journey here, you’ve still been an integral part of the team and the legacy, this year and for many prior and many to come.

One last time for ‘08?

I’m proud of all of you.


Pile out!

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