Bring On the Razors
May 13, 2008 | Filed in: ECHL, South Carolina Stingrays, philly flyers, pittsburgh penguins

For those of you who love making fun of Sidney Crosby as much as I do (it’s a sisterly kind of abuse, really) you definitely need to check out Going Five Hole’s Playoff Beard Watch.

Courtesy of the Toronto Sun Troy Crosby’s also realized what I did after my first game in a Pens jersey at the Wachovia. It’s a scary scary place. Of course, he’s smarter than I am, as he “recently joked that he might need to sport a Philadelphia Flyers jersey at the rowdy Wachovia Center for safety reasons.” Yeah, I wasn’t ever that smart. Besides, those colors take me back to high school, and I just can’t bring myself to do THAT again.

Tonight, I’m predicting a more physical game than we saw at Mellon, with the loving (ha!) support of the Flyers fans behind their team. I’m hoping a good number of Pens fans make the cross-state trek (I sure would have gone half-state, but that whole $$$ thing is killing me right now) just to cheer the guys on, as I’ve experienced that joy of trying to play a game in a hostile environment myself, and boy does it suck.

Honestly, if the Penguins keep their heads in it and don’t let the orange screaming masses get to them, I see no reason they shouldn’t be able to keep going the way they have. And if anyone even so much MENTIONS the names Timonen or Coburn, I will personally hunt you down and give you an indian rug burn so bad you won’t be able to wear long sleeves for week.

(ECHL Ex-Bears On The Rays-wise, obviously they’re not playing Reading, or that’d be all over here, but right now they’re not faring well against the Cincinnati Cyclones either. They’re currently down 2-0 on the series, and the next game’s on Wednesday. Patrick McNeill’s out with an undisclosed injury, and Andrew Gordon’s keeping his point-per-game streak going.)

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