Gripe Day
May 14, 2008 | Filed in: AHL

Like he was reading my mind (or maybe just my blog), Walton tossed up an article from on Gordon that’s worth reading for kicks. Just be warned that one of my first reactions was “Oh holy hell, I can’t get hired for hockey communications and this hack with awful grammar and no proofreading skills did?” I don’t for a minute believe that Gordon actually said “I had not sympathy for here.” I could believe that he said “I had no sympathy for her,” but “not sympathy for here?” Come on.

My other gripe of the day? It’s kind of roundabout, but it turns out that Army and Crush both actually played enough games with the Pens in the regular season to qualify for having their names on the Cup if Pittsburgh wins. Of course, just to hang it up, there’s a rule that if a player was traded, they’re no longer eligible on the old team, regardless of whether the new team’s in contention or not.
HOWEVER, because he was a low down dirty Pirate and a Duck callup for all of something like 3 cup games last year, Joe Motzko, Boy Without A Team, is considered a Stanley Cup winner.

Now sure, I like beating on ol’ Joe a little more than the next person, but comparatively, Army and Crush put in a hell of a lot more work for the Big Pens to get them where they are now than Motzko did for the Ducks while he was just an AHL-er.

Not that it’s gonna change anything, but Army and Crush got freakin’ robbed, yo.

And there you have my gripe of the day.


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