What was that, Merv?
May 20, 2008 | Filed in: South Carolina Stingrays

Our derby coach is a huge Flyers fan.

Yeah, he didn’t take it so well when I was wearing black and gold and the skirt I’d made out of the Pens home closer T-shirt at the scrimmage yesterday. Of course, I’m wearing it again tonight, and I’m almost positive that Roxie Riot and I are going to yell “6 to WHAT?” at each other all night.

(And I’m about to schedule myself so I’m off work for Finals games. Of course, it’d help if they’d figure OUT the schedule and post it.)

In other news, the South Carolina Stingrays are out of the ECHL playoffs, which means that the former Bears will actually get some time off to recover and make sure all their various body bits have time to heal.

Also, did anyone else see that team Canada actually posted the flight listings for their players coming home from the Worlds? Am I the only one that sees that as more than a little creepy? I mean, sure, welcome the guys home and all, but I’d rather NOT have people knowing when I was coming in if I were someone with even a small amount of fame. That’s just… stalkery.

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