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May 26, 2008 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Here’s your Eff This Ess post for the day.

Remember how back in oh, like February, the Penguins decided that my favorite player didn’t REALLY need to be part of the team anymore? Oh, yeah, and remember that month it took for me to realize that I was actually a big fan of another Penguin who tended to stay at home and throw down the big hits when needed?

Yeah. I was just remembering that.

Well the affing effing Boston Globe reports that

with Pittsburgh’s priorities centering on re-signing restricted free agent Marc-Andre Fleury and perhaps re-upping UFAs Marian Hossa and Ryan Malone, there might not be enough cash left for [UFA Brooks] Orpik.

Seriously, Ray Shero? SERIOUSLY? If you honestly do this to me again, I swear I’m going to go over to Cappitude.

Of course, unless Andrew Gordon gets there out of camp next year, it may be a short stay, as Hockey Night in Canada reported during an intermission last night that

Mike Green’s contract talks are not going well with Washington, which could make him an offer sheet target.

I’m blaming this all on Marion Hossa. If he had just left his pasty white butt where it started, I wouldn’t be in the market for a long-range nuclear warhead or two right now.

I think I’ll start watching the Blackhawks.

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