Fail/Notfail y/n?
June 2, 2008 | Filed in: Cap Attack, da b'ars

I feel like sometimes the Hockey News understeps themselves. I finally managed to find time to get the Draft issue, and after a year of watching a team of DC’s up-and-comers, it strikes me that THN could really do with some people watching the AHL and ECHL as well. Sure,

Washington has promising netminders in Simeon Varlamalov and Michael Neuvrith in the pipeline, but neither is within two years of sniffing the Verizon Center ice

but can you really write Machesney off simply by omitting him? Remember, although he didn’t get a chance until 1/4 of the way into the season when Cassivi was called up, the Cheez hung out among the top AHL goalies for a good long while and won the Bears’ Rookie of the Year award. Yeah, the Cheez was a rookie, going into this year. And on a Bears team stacked with rookies like Beagle and Gordon and Lepisto all season, that’s saying something.

Just because Machesney wasn’t the big orgasmy name during his draft year and he tends to fly under the radar doesn’t mean that he doesn’t merit being watched as well. Sure, Varlamalov and Neuvrith will eventually sidle in and take their places on the teams (I’d be surprised if one of them weren’t in Hershey this coming year,) but at the same time, with the Cheez is in the Caps’ pipeline, who’s to say he wouldn’t slide up and get his go in the bigshow eventually?

With Cassivi going to Germany and Kolzig confirming that we won’t see him in DC next year, as well as the fact that Huet is a UFA (although granted, they’d be fools not to sign him,) the Caps and the Bears will have to play a giant game of Shuffle the Goalie.
Does it make sense to keep Huet in DC and bring Machesney up to give him the NHL training as a backup? That would put Johnson in Hershey, bringing a little more experience to an otherwise very young goaltending roster and giving him a little more playing time than he’s had in past years. Would it make more sense to leave Machesney in Hershey, as he’s establishing himself here and bring up Varmalov or Neuvrith to let them all fight it out amongst themselves in Chocolatetown?

Will Kolzig wind up back in the Tri Cities? Will we ever figure out whether my mother taught him in high school or not? Will Cassivi realize that German chocolate is vastly superior to anything he can get here? Will Sasha Pokulok continue to live up to his THN given title of “Not So Shrewd” draft choice? (Didn’t I call that one mid-season?) Will Louie Robitaille ever learn how to say the same thing without saying exactly the same thing over and over again on TV?

All this and more this summer, on “As the Goalie Turns”…..

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