First! (okay, second!)
June 3, 2008 | Filed in: da b'ars

I love it. I go all Ranty McRantypants on the Cap/Bear goalie situation and the next day Derek Meluzio does another interview with Freddie Cassivi.

If you’re too lazy to go over there and read the whole thing yourself, here’s the important part.

Freddie’s message to the fans:

Finally, I want to thank all the fans for the tremendous support throughout the years. The memories of the “Fred-die” chants will remain with me forever. I am sad to leave the Bears but at the same time, I feel fortunate to have had the chance to play here this long. The AHL is a developmental league and the Caps had to make room for their young prospects and I fully understand that. There are no hard feelings towards the Bears/Caps and I am looking forward to going to Europe to experience something new. I always saw the Hershey Bears as a big family that includes the players, front office staff, doctors, physical therapists, Giant Center staff, alumni and the fans. I still consider myself part of that big family. I will keep my home in the area and will be back to spend my summers here. I wish everybody all the best and keep cheering for the Bears!!!

Freddy Cassivi on the bench

Best of luck, Freddie!

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