A plea for entertainment…..
June 18, 2008 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Dearest hockey world,
Are any of you in need of an object knitted out of second-rate yarn? A baked good of dubious ancestry? A really loudly obnoxious phone message? All these and more could be yours, for the cheap and easy price of Finding Teka A Copy of ‘Chasing the Dream.’

Seriously though, if anyone has a copy they’re willing to loan/sell/copy/trade I’d be willing to barter/haggle.

In other hockey news? The world has NO IDEA where Ryan Malone is going to wind up. AT ALL. And it’s getting a little old, to tell you the truth. Of course, other reports have the Flyers in need of some blueline strength, and I’ve decided I may forsake hockey for lacrosse if Orpik goes there. Just sayin’

Oh, and just so there’s SOME point to this post, Evgeni Malkin is one scary scary drunk Russian. I’m not sure why he’s so terrifying, as I feel like a sodden Ovechkin would be rather hilarious. Maybe it has something to do with the robotically unchanging facial expression. Or the Gonchar hat.

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