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And with that stunning show of Making Things Last Quite A Bit Longer Than They Should(tm) that was the NHL draft on TV last night, I have a few day-after thoughts.

1) With the possible exception of Danny Briere and Chris Bourque, hockey players are generally reasonably tall people. Many GMs/owners/coaches are past hockey players. Why on earth can’t the people who coordinate events realize this and not give them a microphone that’s only a good height for Gary Bettman? If I have to see one more 6′4″ giant do that awkward shoulder crunching microphone lean, I swear I’m going to infiltrate the NHL offices and become their professional event coordinator.

2)I love how the Caps brought their goalie coach along during the first round to draft Gustafsson, then supposedly didn’t bring him when they actually drafted the goalie later. Why don’t they seem to realize that they’re backstocked something ridiculous on goalies at this point and what they really need is defensemen? Not to knock the likes of Lepisto and Alzner, but seriously, name me two others that are in the system to become a big deal in the next two years. Unless Pokulok suddenly realizes what his feet are for or McNeill (as much as I love him anyway) ups the ice awareness significantly over the off season, they’re both set to ferment in Hershey for another few years.

3)Steph and I realized partway through that the selection of teams who congratulated the Red Wings on the Cup win was really a great collection of teams that are just sorta… off… on some level (the Yotes, the Thrashers, the Rangers…) Either they suck, or they’re just a team that you love to hate. This brought on all sorts of bad “getting a blow job from the ugliest girl at the party” jokes. Had the Flyers congratulated them, we decided the girl would have been wearing a gem sweater with puffypaint decorations as well.

4)Sorry, but my not-so-inner Army fan has to feel a little bit of vindication that Hossa’s doing his best “not coming back to the Pens” dance right now. YES, sure, Hossa did a lot of stuff and Sid seems to work well with him/like him, but are you really ever going to get Sid to smack talk a teammate? The kid could put a positive spin on running over a puppy with a tank. And YES, okay, Atlanta has been decent for him, as he’s out of the Crosby/Malkin/Staal shadow, but still. There’s a certain amount of irony I just want to wallow in for a moment… indulge me.

5)Sadly, in addition to Eminger being a Flyer, the attitude-problem Quebecois I was halfheartedly following through the draft Marc-Andrew Bourdon also went to them. Kid had something like 240 PIM last season.

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