As Caps Chick spins in her… uh.. couch?
June 23, 2008 | Filed in: Uncategorized

Tarik’s reporting that Clymer’s on waivers again Not that it should surprise anyone, as he was obviously starting to care less and less about being in Hershey at all, but now it’s official. I’m going to laugh my head off if the Penguins or the Ducks take him. Even, probably, if the CBJs get him and Malone both.

And just for kicks, JP at Japer’s Rink also has a great look at how everyone who unveiled the new Caps uniform was cursed.

The Pens boys? Well, that was Orpik, Malone, Whitney and Talbot.

It seems similar things can be said about all four of them. Orpik’s a UFA, rumored to be getting the heck out of dodge, Malone’s in the same boat, and has been attached to everyone from the Blue Jackets on West, Whitney went through that period of being the team pinata mid-season where he’d play one game, screw up and then sit for three, and well, Talbot…. that high ankle sprain’s a bitch and a half, eh?

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