A very Derby weekend, indeed.
June 29, 2008 | Filed in: Uncategorized

What is this, Ryan Malone gets handed over to the Lightning while I’m out of town starting fights at derby bouts like a good little instigator playing roller derby and nobody thinks it’s important enough to tell me about? With this alongside the impending Running of the Orpiks, Ray Shero’s pretty much lost any faith I had in him and any desire I had to keep watching the Pens. If I have to keep switching Players To Watch ™ every six months, he can just stick it in his ear.

Congrats to the Yingstmeister, who I hear brought home a little more shiny hardware for the Bears front office in the form of the Thomas Ebright Award given for career contributions to the AHL. I never knew he started as the sales and promo guy before working into being the GM. Maybe if I keep with this blogging thing someday I’ll be able to parlay it into a real job. Or not.

As soon as there are pictures of the dogpile/fight/my bare hindquarters that the entirety of the Cincinnati Gardens saw as one of their derby girls tried to kill me, I’ll post at least some of them here.

(And as an aside, my coach came over as we were leaving the building and said “I think my favorite part of that was you being booed as you were leaving and just raising both hands to them and acknowledging the crowd. That was very hockey, when you know you’ve won, even if the other team won’t acknowledge it.” I was thinking I might have been Sean Avery yesterday, but the more I look back on it, the more I was really Jarkko Ruutu… the one that you never know when to expect the agitation from. Damn, I hope there are pictures of it somewhere.)

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