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In Which I Contemplate Being Creepy
July 2, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars

On the way to replace my poor waterlogged phone thismorning, I was stuck in traffic outside of Giant Center, and they’re running a new readerboard ad for the Bears that’s actually kind of cute/funny. Essentially, it’s nicknaming Stuff You’ll See At A Bears Game, like a picture of a puck labeled “Biscuit”, a picture of Bourque labeled “Bourquie”, a picture of Gordon labeled “Gordo”, etc etc. If I’m feeling enough like a creeper in the near future (or I can find the time) I’ll try to go get video of it for youtube, as I highly approve of it.

In other news, Bears have Graham Mink back for next year, as well as Grant McNeill and Maxime Lacroix. The McNeill signing interests me, as I’d been hearing rumors that the Bears higherups were getting sick of dealing with all the drama surrounding Robitaille, so I’m wondering if they’re going to let him go and just use McNeill as the muscle instead. He’s not as good on the pure agitation front, but he also wins a heck of a lot more of the fights that he gets into. (and he gets into plenty, trust me.)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I also wish people would stop selling Machesney short. As much as I respect the guys at OFB I’m tired of them completely passing over him in the newest goalie lament. Last year in Hershey was his rookie season. HIS ROOKIE SEASON. He won the most valuable rookie award for the Bears. ROOKIE SEASON. As in FIRST YEAR PLAYING at that level, and he was in the top 10 goalies in the AHL for a majority of his season. Even at the end of the season, he was in the top 20. Being 19th out of upwards of 60 goalies in the AHL can’t bee too damn shabby. For as much as people talk about needing time to develop goalies, give the dude a year or two, will you? Sure, Varmalov was a big name in his draft, but the Cheez has an extra year of AHL experience on him at this point. In addition, the Cheez also started this season under Boudreau, meaning that he has a clue how the Caps system will work when and if he gets there, which has to count for something. I just don’t understand how Caps people are willing to give Varmalov two to three years to ferment here and not open their eyes and see this other guy whos’ already started the process.

Honestly, people. Just because he wasn’t a draft name doesn’t mean the guy can’t hack it. Put Varmalov and Neuvrith out of your heads for a minute and consider the fact that you have an up and comer in the system right now.


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