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July 8, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars

I’m not blogging from class or anything….

In anticipation of getting to go to DC this weekend for Friday/Saturday’s babyCaps festivities, I was poking around at the Development Camp guide (warning, PDF). Not only did I realize I was gonna have to print this thing to keep track of the dudes by different numbers than I was used to, but also, amusingly, they try to make all of their up and comers sound as absolutely amazingly wonderful as possible.

To this end, the Bears I watched all season, as billed by the Caps themselves:

34 Sasha Polulok 2007-08: Spent most of the year with Hershey (44 GP, 1-6-7)
46 Patrick McNeill 2007-08: Fourth among Hershey rookies in scoring with 1-13-14 in 48 GP)
63 Andrew Gordon 2007-08: Tied for fourth among AHL rookies in scoring with 16-35-51 in 58 GP.
83 Jay Beagle 2007-08: Led Bears rookies in goals with 19-18-37 in 64 games.
90 Steve Pinizzotto 2007-08: Played 23 games in Hershey (0-4-4) recorded 15-17-32 in 40 GP with South Carolina.

Admittedly, the first time I read through these I was trying to figure out how Gordon and McNeill could be tied for fourth before I realized that Gordo was 4th all AHL, and McNeill was fourth just for the Bears. Also, as Pokulok is becoming my new Motzko, and I never tire of telling anybody about just how much of a traffic cone he is, I’m SO HORRIBLY AMUSED by the fact that his billing is “Played most of the season in Hershey.” I can almost hear the add-on to that, “And then they sent him to South Carolina because they finally realized that he stunk.”

Oh stinky Bears, I love to hate you. I’m sort of glad that the rest of the world is starting to realize that Pokulok is not all that they tried to bill him as.

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