Eric Fehr will EAT your SOUL
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Eric Fehr will EAT your SOUL
Eric Fehr will EAT your SOUL,
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I’m spending the offseason tidying up my Flikr, and I just recently went back and found this one, from the last home Bears game of the post-season.

As I said to Caps Chick, doesn’t Fehr look like a younger Jason Smith there?
It just all goes back to that crazy hypothesis I had a while ago about how there are only so many different feature-sets avaliable for NHLers at any given time.

Also, on a more serious note, if anyone out there has the opportunity to get and or watch Dave Bidini’s “The Hockey Nomad,” DO IT. It’s one Canadian who wanders throughout the other side of the world to watch hockey-he finds a team in the UAE, talks about the political rivalries in Transylvania, and meets two Buddhist monks who used to play when they were younger.
It’s quite possibly one of the coolest documentaries I’ve seen, and I’m a documentary hog, so that’s saying something.

(And how awesome is it that I managed to post this on the VERY DAY that Fehr accepts his qualifying offer from the Caps? Just sayin’. I’ll be on the lookout for Fehr paraphernalia in DC this Saturday. That’s right. In case the OFB boys are a little too stuffy for you, come catch the lighter side of the Caps blogging organization, as CapsChick (of the View from the Cheap Seats) and I will be there as well, albeit… not… as well billed. But I’m sure you can find us if you look hard enough.)

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