Letdownville, Population You.
July 17, 2008 | Filed in: Uncategorized

For those of you living under a rock, the NHL schedule came out today. Of course, if you’re reading it here, I find it hard to believe that some other larger and more reputable source didn’t tell you that first. Maybe you just live under a rock with especially good taste.

Having no idea where I’ll be as the next season starts, (applications up for: dearborn MI, homer AK, plimoth MA, portland ME, and washington DC!) I’m really sort of MEH about this release. Somewhere, yes, the hockey will start again in October.

The AHL on the other hand, is yet again re-running their “We Gots Us a Big Magnet Board” article, thusly trying to placate rabid fans by not actually telling them anything.

Today was also Bruce Boudreau day in Harrisburg, honoring Boudreau and Yingst and all they give back to the area. From the Post-Gazette, what was probably the highlight of the little ceremony:

Bears winger Louis Robitaille attended the event, which set up an easy one-liner when Commissioner George Hartwick said that Boudreau’s recognition also included a get out of jail free card for the day.

“I’ll give it to Louis,” Boudreau quipped.

Of course, Louie’s a free agent this year, and I’m still hypothesizing from some of the buzz I’m hearing that they’re going to let him walk. Which is a pity on some level, as he was such a good built in punchline half the time….

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