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Some blogs spend the offseason doing cool weekly features, others take long vacations, and yet others spend all their time on reporting every little news event that happens. Here at THTM, we like to troll the dregs of the internet for anything we can find.

With that intro then, enjoy a Western Collegiate Hockey Association article about Andrew Gordon from January of 2007, the school year before he left and started playing full time for the Capitals.

Finally here, they address the whole Nova Scotia connection I kept wondering about-Nova Scotia’s not that big, and he had to run into Sidney Crosby once in a while, right?

Gordo says:

Sidney Crosby, the latest sensation in the NHL, grew up just minutes from Gordon.

“We played on a few Team Nova Scotia select teams growing up. I’ve been playing against him since I was maybe 9 or 10 years old and played with him and against him on-and-off until he was 14 and I’d just turned 16.”

Gordon and Crosby were two of the top players on their midget team.

“He was number 9 and I wore number 19. After the [Air Canada Cup], when they announced the MVP of the tournament, they said ‘Number 19, Sidney Crosby.’ We were sitting right next to each other and both slid our chairs out, looked at each other, and I slid my chair right back in. It was funny, I still bug him about that when I see him in the summer time. It was a typo, I should have won that award!”

“I don’t get to talk to him much during the winter. Not much to say to him during the season anyway. What exactly could I say to a guy who’s in the middle of leading the NHL in points as a 19-year-old? But in the summer when we’re both home, we hang out, maybe play a round of golf, and take ice time together.”

So what did Gordon teach Crosby?

“Yeah, I wish,” Gordon says with a laugh.

And there you have it, folks, straight from the forgotten vaults of the Interweb.

Oh yeah, and on that reporting every little bit of news thing, the Bears signed two new defensemen: Bryan Helmer last of the San Antonio Rampage, and Greg Amadio of the Baby Sens. Both are older, 36 and 27 respectively, and are supposed to be quite bruising, according to the AHL’s press release

Only two more months until September. Sheeesh.

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