100 Things, part 2
August 26, 2008 | Filed in: Personal Crap, Uncategorized

Continuing on where we left off a while ago…. as everyone else is covering the fact that the Caps prospies are looking promising, but there’s not much about that we didn’t know.

As I’m in Portland this week as well, there my be a chance for me to see the beginning of Winter Hawks practice as well. I’m trying to hold out for seeing them in the Memorial Coliseum instead of at the Mountain View Ice Arena, but we’ll see how it all works. If I manage that, I promise pictures of pre-prospies.

Anyway, with that disclaimer, and only a few weeks before the season starts, here you go up to #50 of my 100 Things.

26. As a kid, I had a palate expander and learned to talk around it, so I said “R’s” as “W’s” After years of therapy (which I always resisted) and hounding from my mother, it’s mostly gone, but people still think I’m from Boston a lot. (pahk the cah, yo, pahk the cah.)

27. I’ve always wanted to shave my head/have a mohawk for a while. I said that if the Bears made playoffs this last year, I would do the fauxhawk in solidarity, but it seemed rather futile when the BabyPens won the first three games of the series.

28.I love to play video games but often spend the first three or four games button mashing on a console until I figure out what all the buttons do. Computer games, no problem.

29. On that note, my favorite games are Star Wars: Battlefront, Fable, Halo, and Half-Life 2.

30. If I could live in any place, right now my top options would be DC, Boston and Nova Scotia. Victoria BC and Seattle are the two runners up.

31.I absolutley detest grocery shopping. If food could magically appear in my fridge, I’d be more than okay with it.

32. I don’t write code for websites, I thieve it from other people and fidget with it until it does mostly what I want it to. Then I whine at my father, and he does the rest.

33. I occasionally watch wedding shows, but generally don’t understand why people pay the equivalent of a new car or part of a house for a ridiculously big party. Sure, I’m all for the ridiculously big party, but $45,000???

34. My mom and I made my prom dress and one of my other formals, and severely altered a third (of four). I have no doubts that as with #33 up there, we’ll wind up making my wedding dress too.

35. I’ve been single for three years

36. I’m a little hairdyaphobic. I used to have a purple stripe, which I loved, but the idea of having to keep up with a whole head of roots scares me and sounds like a lot of money, so I’ve never had a professional do anything with it. (except that one time they had to cover the botch job I did on a permanent home-color.)

37. The one manicure/pedicure I’ve ever had was for prom, and my toenails tried to go all ingrowny afterwards. I haven’t tried again.

38. The most exciting scar I have is on my face/right ear, where a greyhound stuck his teeth in me as a child. Runners up are the appendectomy scar in my navel, and the slash on my finger, where I opened myself on part of a toilet I was breaking up to make porcelain shards to line the garden at home.

39. I have five separate tattoos, although they look like only two. I have four stars on my foot that each stand for a life event, and one on my back that I got when I was 18. I’m looking at getting two more on my foot soon, for the derby team and for Penn State.

40. I’ve worked on and off as a lifeguard since I was 15.

41. I share a birthday with Sidney Crosby, although I’m older. I also share a birthday with David Duchovny, although I’m younger. Elizabet Bathory, the “Blood Countess” died on the same day, although I’m still alive

42. My current cell phone is a Motorola w490 in lime green. The background is the 2004 olympic mens’ water polo team naked except for water polo balls and caps, and the ringtone is Linkin Park’s “Bleed it Out”. Oh yeah, and it screams “HOLD ME WHITNEY!” when I get a text message. Don’t ask.

43. I’m a ridiculously straight female who’s always wanted to be a drag queen. I’ve been trying to figure out what my signature song would be, not to mention my stage name.

44. In my next life, I’ve decided I’m coming back as a cage fighter.

45. I own all but one Enya cd ever produced. I’m also only down by two or three DMB albums, all live, and I have everyting the Virginia Company has ever put out.

46. As you might have guessed, my musical tastes are all over the board. I know all the words to Du Hast, but can also do the harmonies to Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen and Mama, Look Sharp.

47. The movies I watched most as a child were Million Dollar Mermaid and Will Vinton’s Dinosaurs! I’m pretty sure I was one of the only elementary schoolers to know who Gene Kelly, Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalban were.

48. Bangs/fringe that purposefully fall in peoples’ eyes drive me nuts.

49. My favorite class in middle school was shop, because we got to use the wood lathe. I’m a big fan of the wood lathe. Of course, I’m a big fan of the pottery wheel too.

50. I’m not the one who gets in trouble, I’m the one who instigates others into it. “Wouldn’t it be funny if…..?”

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