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Almost that time…
September 11, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, Cap Attack, da b'ars

Jay Beagle’s been sighted in DC, as per Tarik, who’s also got an article on how Eric Fehr gave up his #14 to Tomas Fleischmann, and will now be wearing #16 instead. Of course, I’m still going to mentally try to make him #11, so it’s just going to be a glorious cluster come game time.

Now that we’ve got a confirmed Beagle sighting as well, I’m really interested to see what happens to him and his #21 if he comes back down to Hershey. I’ve been told he’s probably going to change, as Minker will reclaim the #21 with seniority. Part of me really hopes Beags goes for #83, so that I have the first Beagle 83 in the doors of Giant Center, even though the development camp gameworn I have could be a small tent on me….. and that’s saying something, as I’m not a small person.

Also, anyone got information on pricing for AHL preseason games? The interwebs are being very unhelpful right now, and I have a horde who want to go watch the Bears on the 28th.

No, rly, a horde.

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