100 Things, Part 3
September 12, 2008 | Filed in: Personal Crap

Yes, I’m really just trying to steam ahead through these now so when there’s something IMPORTANT to post, I’m not still thinking about this crap.

50. I’m not the one who gets in trouble, I’m the one who instigates others into it. “Wouldn’t it be funny if…..?”

51. I strongly dislike having to identify myself as “white” on things, and desperately wish I had an ethnic identity.

52.I only read three webcomics religiously: Ctl-Alt-Del, RealLife and Questionable Content.

53. I’ve never seriously considered straightening my hair on a regular basis. The few times I’ve done it, it’s taken upwards of an hour and made my nose look huge. I like sleeping more than I like straight hair.

54. Among my random male celebrity crushes: Ioan Gruffudd, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, James Franco, Gaspard Ulliel, Daniel Brockelbank and Jonathan Brandis.

55. If I had to choose between Crosby and Ovechkin, I’d probably go Ovechkin, because he has a distinguishable (hilarious) personality. Mostly, I just feel bad that Sid never had a real teenagehood.

56. I’m addicted to all things pomegranate. Juice, fruit, smelly crap, lip stuff, whatever.

57. I own two lava lamps, one on each coast, both purple.

58. The tagline on my non-hockey self-promotion card is “She Knows Stuff So You Don’t Have To.”

59. My bad habits include biting my fingernails and fidgeting as well as playing with my hair (but not in the dumb blonde way

60. Currently, my claim to fame is playing on a high school water polo team with a member of this year’s Olympic team. Obviously, she went on to great things, and I excelled at mediocrity

61. I’ve always wanted to be bilingual. I’ve attempted German, Latin and French. None of them went well.

62.I hardly ever use my credit card. If I don’t have the money, I shouldn’t be buying it.

63.I hit 5′5″ and was taller than everyone else in fifth grade. Then I stopped growing and everyone else started.

64. My waist is a size 13/14, and my butt is a size 16/17. Let’s not go into how hard this makes buying pants.

65. My parents’ nickname for me is “Pumpkin,” but nothing pisses me off faster than being called “Tekachu.”

66. I’m kinda fascinated by bugs, although I prefer poking at them dead instead of alive. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my butt to light up like a firefly.

67. I’m a very righteous driver. It kills me how people in PA can’t merge, and insist on overusing their horn and being road-idiots to each other.

68. People always believe that I’m either WAAAAY younger or WAAAAAAAY older than I really am.

69. My mother used guilt on me as a kid to get me to behave, which means that I’m REAAAAAALY good at doing it to other people, but I’m also REAAAAAALY likely to fall to it as well.

70. Numbers I’ve worn while playing sports: 23 (soccer) 11, (water polo) 1776, (roller derby) If I were to play hockey, I’d want to wear 76.

71. I have never been able to figure out how I feel about soul patches on guys. Usually, I think it just looks stupid (Marc Andre Fleury) but it works okay on some people (Howie Mandel)

72. On that note, usually I lust after the hairless dudes, but I blame that on my swimming pool upbringing. (Ryan Lochte over Michael Phelps, however.)

72. My favorite food is almost hands down Asian of some sort… Indian, Chinese, Japanese…. I’ve always wanted to do the whole bento box thing on a regular basis.

73. For my 8+ years in the theatre, I’ve been on stage in 5 shows and had lines in three of them… as some USO hostess in the awful middle school show, Snug the Joiner in Midsummer Night’s Dream, and as a servant in Romeo and Juliet. Unspeaking, I was Audrey 2 in Little Shop of Horrors, and a footman in Cinderella

74. I much prefer being backstage, because I thrive on the last minute OH DEAR GOD moments. I’d be an assistant stage manager forever.

75. I avoid eating lamb, as my first stuffed animal was a lamb named Lamby. Of course, the occasional gyro does slip through.

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