Oh, jeez.
October 12, 2008 | Filed in: Cap Attack, Personal Crap, da b'ars, philly flyers

I got up yesterday, checked my email, showered, at breakfast, farted around with a thesis paragraph, and then left for work at noon. I got home around 7 PM and the internet was broken. I’ve tried disconnecting routers/wifi, calling Comcast help, trying the mac AND the PC, calling my father, calling my ex-governement networker friend, and angrily Twittering it.

Needless to say, we still don’t have internet, and I’m writing this from a Panera.

As of right now the Bears have kicked the pants off of everything that got in their way, and the Caps have had the pants kicked off of them once (by Colby Armstrong, nonetheless, who is now wearing an A for Atlanta and I can’t decide whether this is hilarious or is going to crush his little bizarre spirit with a sense of authority, but damn, ending run-on sentence now.) and kicked some pants off Patrick Kane as well. (ending pants references now)

And just to make today slightly better, I see that Sara “Dingbat” Palin was booed at the Philly game she dropped the puck for. Some small part of me might possibly like the Flyers fanbase a little more now.

If you don’t see me around here, I’ll be using the lack of internet to force me to write my thesis, and I’ll be at the October 18 Bears home opener, up in the upper levels of section 120. This time I’ll be outta stealth mode, so I’ll be the big camera with curly hair in the Gordon jersey. Come by and say hello. Or just hell, if you want.

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