Coddling Your Goalies
October 26, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars, warm fuzzies

My dearest Cheez, may I apologize for ever mentally stepping out on you with Varlamov and Neuvrith? You know I stressed out over losing you all summer, but it’s not like I could have gone the entire season without ever seeing what they were like too. A girl’s gotta have OPTIONS, after all. And besides, Mr. First Star, you obviously took it the right way and started hustling your padded little butt off in order to prove you were still Bear quality. That ultimate save last night?

bears v sens 297
That was hot.

Let’s have some more of those, eh? And fewer of these:

bears v sens 302
That was not so hot.

And I’m SORRY again for doing you in last night by letting the S word float through my brain. Obviously, if you’re doing well I need to start wearing a tinfoil hat in order to keep that inside so I don’t curse you. Of course, you could also just poke the team into not giving up the pressure if they’re ahead in the third. That might help too.

But, y’know, it’s okay. We still won, and Sami loves you too.

bears v sens 305

Oh yeah, and Oskar and Bryan and Jay and Sean, and.. well, yeah… that whole bench of ‘em over there.

bears v sens 306

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