Lazy Saturday
November 8, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, Cap Attack, ECHL, Personal Crap, South Carolina Stingrays, Ultimate Dumbness, da b'ars, warm fuzzies

Well, lookie there, life caught up with me this week. Let’s make it short and sweet, eh?

In Bear-Ray-Ville This Week:
*Simeon Varlamov records first AHL shutout against Albany River Rats.
*Deano’s hurt. Again. Imagine. (okay, I feel his pain, but still.)
*Osala scores again tonight- that’s 9 for this season already. Are we campaigning for Rookie of the Year, Oskar? Do I need to make you an Obamaish “HOPE” poster?
*No home games until god knows when. Disney on Ice anyone? Can Tinkerbell body check?
*Sloaner back up to the Caps, because he knew I was coming to the game on the 14th.
*House fire almost takes Sasha Pokulok out. Frankly, I’m keeping my mouth shut on the ol’ speedbump there, as my momma told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t put it on the internet. Of course, I think the only thing that made me giggle more than the actual story itself was the fact that Sasha Pokulok’s pregnant girlfriend was out of town. A) dear god, sweet dear baby jesus god, and b) does anyone actually get married before having kids these days, or is it more of a “tricking them into the ring with your vaginas” move that I haven’t bothered to hear about? Or is it just that I’m classier than most broads?
*Goepfert’s Stingrays come up against Dagneault’s Checkers…. and win.

In DC:
*Half the team hurt. (aka ShaMo and Federov)
*Olie Kolzig possibly to be traded by the Bolts. Anyone want a goalie back?
*Alexander Semin and Sidney Crosby are still not BFFS.
*Seeking 2 tickets to the game on the 14th. Can anyone do me better than Stubhub or the Caps’ ticket exchange?

Me, in general:
*Work stinks.
*Playing lightboard monkey for a local theatre at night. Please remove Pajama Game soundtrack from my head?
*Job interview the 14th in DC with the CloseUp foundation (now you understand why I’m looking for tickets). Got a suit. Look like a tool. Trying already to grin and bear it…. the tooldom, that is.

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