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November 11, 2008 | Filed in: OMG, Personal Crap, Sad Panda, Ultimate Dumbness

The more research I do into the female fan interaction section of my (rapidly approaching due) master’s thesis on female fans, the more I really just come down to the realization that Greg Wyshynski of Deadspin, Puck Daddy, Fan House, and a really dastarly silly looking book on the “100 Worst Sports Ideas of All Time” is really just a jerk. Possibly even more than a jerk. I’ve already mentally classified him into “twatwaffle” category, and if I didn’t generally try to keep this blog pg-13 rated, there are a few other things I’d say about him as well. Notice up there that I didn’t give him the joy of any direct links to his crap, and even mid-rant, I’m going to try to keep it down to a minimum.

I’m generally okay just doing the whole “live and let live” bit, as I saw how it went the last time I called out the Pensblog, (hi, guys) but the more I look at Wyshynski’s blog, the more repulsed I am. Most of my dealing with him has been through this page of his. Sure, he gives you the lackluster disclaimer that

” A female hockey fan is not automatically or intrinsically a puck bunny, which is considered a derogatory term by dedicated, informed lady puckheads. It’s the ultimate dick move to group them all together, so don’t, mmmmkay?”

but what does he do after that? Oh, shows you this:

Mmhm. He understands how to treat women with respect. That Greg, he’s real killer with the progressive thinking feminists, I bet.

Of course, it’s obvious that he’s not really preaching to the highest common denominator of enlightened menfolk either, as the comments coming in are of the ilk to include such gems as

“I come for the hockey talk. I stay for the soft core porn.” - from user UkraineNotWeak
“Greg, you’ve gone from including tantalizing, semi-relevant pictures to blatant, shameless pandering.
And yet I don’t hear any complaints…” -from user Carlton_Whitfield
“@ Wyshynski : Chick totally has man hands.” -from user Summer-of-George

And as much as people like to say “oh, there’s no bias between hockey fans today!” when I tell them what I’m writing on, with jerks like this in mainstream hockey media, encouraging the use of women associated with hockey as eye candy, outrightly mocking them on a web page, and generally making it harder for any real female fan OR BLOGGER to retain a shred of her dignity while trying to cover a sport, I find it hard to believe that this thesis isn’t incredibly relevant.

Or that Greg Wyshynski’s not a low down dirty jerk who panders to frat boys because he can’t deal with strong women.

This message brought to you by the “Your Blogger’s A Feminist” society, the number 76 and the letters F and U.

Back to your regularly scheduled hockey.

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