A Quickie
November 18, 2008 | Filed in: Binghamton Senators, bear awards, da b'ars, warm fuzzies

Well. If a 9-0 shutout won’t raise your suffering goalie’s spirits, what will?

Overall, that Sunday bloodbath against Binghamton was ridiculously well played. Shots were obviously going to the right place (or close, as there were two or three that rang off the crossbar), passes were connecting, and most importantly, the Bears didn’t seem to let up the pressure in the second or third period, as they are so wont to do when up a good number.

But more importantly, getting to the meat of this post, go to the AHL homepage RIGHT NOW, scroll to the bottom, and vote Osala in as the most ridiculous rookie ever. Right now he and Filatov are neck and neck. Then, find another computer and vote for Perrault. Unlike the NHL All-Star voting, this’ll recognize you and only let you vote once.

Edit:The sci-fi fan in me just suddenly started to wonder after a bout of channel flipping… is Brendan Fehr any relation to Eric Fehr? Facially, they’re similar enough that I’d say there’s a bloodline in there somewhere.

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