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November 22, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, Bridgeport Sound Tigers, da b'ars

In case I hadn’t said something before, my new internet gizmotchy works exceedingly well at Giant Center, so right now we’re coming at you live from Seat A7, section 105. Please pardon any spelling issues…I’m typing on Chiclets, so I’ll be sure to go back and edit myself once I get home. Also, notice that I’m ON THE GLASS, and I forgot to grab my camera. However, the tool beside me is proving he has too much money by not only having the ridiculously more expensive version of my camera, but also having one of the $1000+ game auction jerseys. I’m considering asking him for spending money,as he obviously has more $$ than he knows what to do with.

Also, if you’re not following me on Twitter, get thee over there.. I’m “sweetestofdekes.” and you can get score updates from me during the game.

First issue of the night, with GMac and Deano and Beags out, we got a callup… not My Favorite Ever, but freaking Pinizzotto, who right now is My Second Favorite Ever (the first being Pokulok. Yes, that was sarcasm, in case you missed it..)

Second, between Godfrey and Wilson on the bench wobbling during the anthem, I think I’m on the verge of seasickness.

In game entertainment tonight was the team wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving, aka proving ultimate toooldom.

Overall, ending the first period 1 to 1 doesn’t instill fear in me, even if we did get clubbed by Bridgeport in Bridgeport.The Bears seem to be staying away from the overly cute play for the most part,and although they could stand to pass a little less directly in front of the net, and shoot some more, there’s nothing that stands out as an Ultimate Suck. The Osala/Perrault/Bouchard line seems to have internal radar-I’m impressed by how aware they are of where the other two ares, and Kyle Wilson seems to be on top of things tonight as well. Parick Mcneill has scared me a few times. I don’t know what he did to himself over the summer, but the improvement I was seeing in him last year seems to have stopped and I’m afraid he might actually be backsliding now.

The second period is like watching the Devils. I have no idea why everything is completely uninteresting, but NOTHING’S HAPPENING. There haven’t been any adrenaline rush saves, and we’re outshooting them 27 to 10. Obviuosly, we need to focus a little more on not shooting AT the goalie, as much fun as that may be.

And of course, as I get done Chicleting that, things get punchy. No friendly blood here now, as Amadio and Bourque find people they don’t especially like and start getting mouthy.

Perrault seems waaaay more into “Lets Get Loud” by JLo than he should be.

Osala has the most exciteable goal celebrations ever… and now that he and Lepisto have both scored, we’re having a very Finnish finish here.

Final score? 4-1, Hershey. Way to show ‘em up.

(Also, finally bought my puppy calendar for the year… anyone else notice all the guys in the wrong jerseys? It’s like they only had 4 of ‘em and all had to share…)

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