November 24, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars, warm fuzzies

I do fully acknowledge that up to about a month ago I was on Karl Alzner for having no discernable personality.

I hereby rescind that statement. The Vancouver Sun has sort of crumbled my last resistance, and I’m fully a fan now. In fact, I’m even rather sad that I probably won’t be flying out of PA towards the West Coast the day before Christmas, because last year I wound up on a plain with the BC bound Bears, and I’m sure now that Alzner’s got some great stories.

My favorite line from the article though, has to be this:

According to those who nose, the whole city smells like the fabled cocoa.
Or does it?
“You know what? It’s semi-true,” Karl Alzner was saying after the Hershey Bears’ practice the other day. “I personally can’t smell it, but a lot of guys say they do. Also, there’s a sewage plant that’s pretty close to the rink.
“So depending on which way the wind’s blowing . . . .”

Having lived behind the GC and passed that sewage plant daily, I’ve been trying to tell people that for months.

Maybe they’ll listen to Alzner.

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