Oh My Stars and Goalies
December 14, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, Callups, Cap Attack, da b'ars

Well, it looks like we’ve figured out how to ultimately end the Bears’ winning streak… take away half the defensemen, their top rookie scorer, and their import goalie and they start looking a little more like the ragtag Bear-Rays that they are. It couldn’t last forever, but it was nice while it lasted. And besides, there’s still enough time in the season to rack up a 12 game streak, right? (Amusingly, Walton is now referring to the continued attempt to find a replacement for Osala on the fourth line playing “Being Oskar Osala”. Frankly, if my 5′4″ mind was suddenly give 6′4″ worth of body to deal with, I don’t think I’d be able to walk, let alone play hockey.)

On the goalie front, Simeon Varlamov started in goal against Montreal IN Montreal tonight and squeaked out a victory. Reviews seem to be positive, although most people say he looked a little nervous to begin with… and who would expect less? “Welcome to the show. Go play now. Kthx.” is probably enough to rattle anyone…. (including the Caps’ web producer, who, as you’ve heard by now was dressed as a place holder for Varley last night… (and tangent in the tangent, I don’t care if everyone else is calling him “Varly” no E, I dislike that spelling for no discernible reason and will continue to insert the E anyway until The Voice Of All That Is Media in the Bears organization hunts me down with a blunt pencil)).

I’m hearing through the grapevine (aka the Caps blogs) that Federov, Sloan and Backstrom were all injured as of post-game tonight too, so the Caps’ decision to not *really* send Osala and Collins home already may have paid off for them… Collins is being reported as a callup already.

In personal news:
For those of you who have been waiting for it, my thesis goes in for submission Monday, and as soon as I’ve handed over my two copies (and driven home) I’m going to post it here so that the world can read it as well. Hold your horses, it’s coming.

As always, more news as it breaks and I see it. (How’s that for dedication to mediocrity?)

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