Miss a week, miss it all!
December 26, 2008 | Filed in: AHL, Callups, Cap Attack, Personal Crap, da b'ars

Not that I really think any of you twelve regular readers out there missed me a horrible lot over this week, but I figure I’d take the vanity moment and tell you what I’ve been up to anyway.

I’ve been in Central Ohio with 56k internet at my grandmother’s house.

That’s right. 56k. Dialup. It’s worse than that, he’s dead, Jim.

This, in essence, is why I’ve been scarce both here and on Twitter, and also why my fantasy hockey teams have gone to hell. As I said to my father, “It’s impossible to be a sports blogger when you can’t get any access to the damned sports.” In Ashland Ohio, the local newspaper doesn’t so much cover the NHL.

Of course, the repeater of the Cleveland NBC affiliate DID give me the Lake Erie Monsters/Bears game…. if only I’d realized that before 15:38 in the third period. Obligingly, the overtime/shootout made up for part of it though, and howabout the luck Andrew Gordon keeps managing to find under the bed? First the luckiest shot ever that the goalie just watches dribble through his legs for the shootout winner and then our little A. Gordon is up playing with the big team?

I have to say, I was a little miffed his callup came now, because I had promised myself I’d see his first NHL game live, and with no appreciable notice of it, being two hours away from the nearest airport, and having said airport backed up to the gills, that didn’t so much happen. I’m falling back on the fact that I saw him play preseason in Philly, which is about the same, right? (Don’t answer that.)

Anyway, I’m hearing via Intarwebs that he and Helmer are both making good showings, as well as that Varlamov is back up with the big boys, and Neuvrith and Goepfert are anchoring the Bears at this point.

Other than that, I can’t really break any fun news other than that I’ll be back in Alexandria as of the 28th, hopefully with a back paycheck in hand and AHLlive on my computer, and with the promises of future Caps tickets dancing in my head.

(P.S. The best way to get to me at this point is to direct message me on Twitter or to text message me directly.)

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