So Your Captain’s Injured….
February 2, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, Callups, Cap Attack, da b'ars

For those of you who have’t heard the news, Capitals captain Chris Clark (c4?) is out for likely the rest of the season with a wrist injury that’s been around since training camp. Of course, all the Caps blogs are jumping on the chance to get Alzner back, as the salary issue is gone, but I have another proposal for them:

Give Jay Beagle a chance.

Now, before everyone goes all crazy, consider it.

Beags was one of the few two-way Bears to not get a chance during Bear Callup Freeforall Month, because he was busy being out with a concussion. Calling him up temporarily (even if only for a few games before you send him back to get Alzner up) gives Boudreau a chance to eyeball him again, and lets him get his feet wet in a Downie-free environment during the regular season. He was a favorite at the beginning of this season, and played more than one preseason game with the big boys.

Although advertised as a center, Beagle’s played on the right wing in Hershey, due to the organization-wide glut of decent centers. The now-missing Chris Clark? A right winger.

Compare the stats:
Games Played- Beagle: 22 Clark: 32

Goals- Beagle: 2 Clark: 1
Assists- Beagle: 3 Clark: 5
Total Points: Beagle: 5 Clark: 6

PIM- Beagle: 26 Clark: 32

Statistically, these are ridiculously similar players, if Beagle can keep his stats in the A consistent in the N. Neither are huge scorers, but both are good third line grinding types, obviously not afraid to get in and duke it out if it comes to that.

So, Bruce, whaddya say? Give the kid a try, and if he really isn’t all you want, hey, you can still send him back and find an Alzner in your future instead.

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