When Work Gets In Your Way:
February 4, 2009 | Filed in: AHL, da b'ars

Close on the heels of the Clark injury, Michael Neuvrith was called up to the big team after Johnny tweaked his hip out again.

Since Varly’s still out with a knee ligament issue, Daren Machesney’s been holding down the fort by himself. Is this indicative of his final stop in the organization?

Down in Hershey, Varlamov’s a little miffed about not making the AHL All-Star, but sounds more or less like any other resident of Hershey when he says,

“I can’t stand [anything] sweet anymore. There is chocolate in Hershey on every corner. There is so much that fans even get it for free at every game. It’s good, delicious. But I like “Alenka” [Russian chocolate] better. It tastes like homeland.”

There’s also some discussion of how his name is actually pronounced:

Why do they call you “Sim-ee-on” in America?

“That’s how they read my name. I hate it, to be honest.”

Then explain what’s right. For example, [Kovalchuk's name is often mispronounced]. But those who know say it right.

“What haven’t they called me here! I have counted at least four versions. But the most unflattering was S-e-m-e-n. Look it up yourself how it is translated from English. It’s good that I now have a nickname: fans call me Varly.”

Come on, Varly, throw us a bone here… nobody in Hershey’s even mastered the pronunciation of Lepisto and he’s been there for two years now. Of course, he never does get down to telling people what the correct pronunciation is.

In other Bears news, John Walton is announcing that the final game at the Philly Spectrum now belongs to the Bears. Here’s hoping they can bring it down and bring it down hard. It’ll also be interesting to see where the Phantoms go after they lose the building.

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